CENTROPE Summit 2 Tomášov/Bratislava – „destination@centrope”

5 December 2011, 14 - 17.30,  Art Hotel Kaštieľ, Tomášov, Slovakia

Hosted by the Bratislava and Trnava Self-Governing Regions and the Cities of Bratislava and Trnava

At the intersection of Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, CENTROPE is emerging as a new and prospering transnational region. The semi-annual CENTROPE Summits serve to further the common political agenda at the top level and to discuss, in a public conference, key topics for cross-border co-operation.

destination@centrope will showcase the potential of CENTROPE as a tourism region and debate key challenges on the way towards an attractive and distinctive cross-border destination. In which areas is joint branding and joint marketing a promising effort? How to create a powerful and visible brand on the European travel map that has both pulling power and is widely recognised in the tourism industry? What concrete activities can render attractions and services mutually better accessible and the cultural heritage more visible? How to co-ordinate the development of tourism infrastructures, and how to achieve a multifaceted and yet integrated region for cultural and leisure tourism?